Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Hello, everyone! Guess what? I got nominated for an award! Woohoo. Exciting, right? Ok, it’s not really an award, per se. It’s more like a token of recognition from other fellow bloggers. I think that is still pretty rewarding and enormously appreciated. In fact, thanks to this award, I think I can officially start calling myself a blogger. I like the sound of that.

Accepting the Dragon’s Loyalty Award consists of: 

Thanking the blogger who nominated you. A huge thank you to the lovely Mrs. Choux over at the The Recipe Box for the nomination. Really, thank you for introducing me to the world of blog awards and for taking the time to check out my blog.    

Adding the Dragon’s Loyalty Award logo. Phew. That was easy.    


Posting seven random facts about you. A quick reminder that what you are about to read here below you will never be able to unread. You’ve been warned. Ready?   

1. My favourite colour is purple. 
2. I like crustless sandwiches, but feel bad throwing away the crust so I eat the crust first to then enjoy a delicious crustless sandwich. 
3. I don’t like Nutella. I know, I know. It just never grew on me, ok? Don’t judge.
4. I worked as a gelato maker for an entire summer when I was in school. I had to try every single batch of gelato being produced for quality purposes. Best.Job.Ever! 
5. I speak three languages: English, Spanish and French. I’d like to learn Italian now. 
6. I hate the feeling of make-up on my face. It feels weird.    
7. I have the same first name as my sister. Thanks for the gift of eternal confusion, mom and dad. 

Now you know a bit more about the person behind “One Prickly Pear”. I feel exposed! Kidding. That was actually fun. I never thought it’d be that hard to come up with random facts about myself, though.  

It’s now time to pass on the torch over to other fellow bloggers…  

Nominating 10 bloggers. Here comes the hard part. There are definitely more than 10 blogs I’d love to nominate for this award. So, I’m going to do something a little different here. Nobody said I couldn’t bend the rules a bit. Muahaha.

Earlier this week, I had the honour to become a member of Food Bloggers of Canada or FBC. I wasn’t the only one who became a member this week, though. There were 11 other bloggers who became members as well. I’d like to nominate them all for this award as my welcome-to-FBC/we-did-it present to them all. Without further ado, here are FBC’s newest members and nominees to the Dragon’s Loyalty Award:

Make sure to check out all these amazing blogs and, once again, a gigantic thank you to Mrs. Choux for the nomination. 


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