Salted Caramel

Is there anything more satisfying than the smell of sugar turning into caramel? I don’t think so! I wish everything could smell like caramel in the making. Oh, yeah!

Working with sugar (especially hot sugar) is always a rewarding yet terrifying experience. I remember my first sugar burn like it was yesterday. Yes, it was that traumatizing. I still have the scar on my arm which I am now proud to show off. Not everyone can say they survived a sugar burn, right?

For years, every batch of caramel I made would turn out grainy, or it would split on me, or it would burn, or all of the above. Everything that could go wrong, would go wrong. However, I am happy to say that after many failed attempts, I finally came up with a foolproof way to make delicious caramel. You’re welcome!

Salted Caramel

For this recipe, you’ll need 4 ingredients and 15 minutes out of your busy life. It is that simple! No copper pans, no sugar thermometres, no rocket science skills required. Let’s get started, shall we?

Salted Caramel
Gooey, homemade salted caramel
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Total Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 1 cup cold water
  2. 2 cups granulated sugar
  3. 1/2 cup whipping cream
  4. 1 tsp vanilla extract
  5. 1/2 tsp salt
  1. In a small pot, bring the water and sugar to a rolling boil over high heat. After 7-10 mins, the water will have evaporated completely and the sugar will start to darken.
  2. Once the sugar is golden brown, add the cream slowly but constantly while swirling the pot. Do not stir it in with a spoon!
  3. Remove from heat while still swirling. Add vanilla and salt. Keep swirling until everything is perfectly incorporated.
  4. Set aside and allow to cool. Enjoy!
  1. Do not use any type of stirring device for this at any point. As tempting as it is to stir the caramel, keep those wooden spoon away until it has cooled down.
  2. When you add the cream, be very careful with the steam that will start coming out. It is very hot. Trust me.
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